“What is CW Resources, Inc.?”

CW Resources is a private, not-for-profit vocational rehabilitation agency serving the needs of persons with disabilities and the socio-economically challenged. Founded in 1964 in New Britain, Connecticut, it now has centers throughout the state creating employment and training opportunities. “Empowerment through employment”.

“What does the “CW” stand for?”

When CW was founded it was named “Constructive Workshops” because that is what it was — a workshop employing persons with disabilities in constructive work. The name was changed to CW Resources in 1995 to reflect the growth and diversity of our programs and services. Today CW is much more than a workshop — we are a resource offering vocational guidance, training and opportunity. The agency kept the CW initials and logo to validate its first three decades of vocational achievement.

“Who is eligible for your programs?”

Individuals are referred to CW from various state agencies. CW works with persons with developmental and psychiatric disabilities, injured workers, individuals with physical disabilities, those with acquired brain injury, special education students and the socio-economically challenged.

“Who pays for someone attending CW?”

Clients are generally funded by the State Department of Developmental Services, Bureau of Rehabilitation Services, Workers’ Compensation Commission or the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. Also, CW accepts private payees and receives fees for services from local school systems.

“What is the difference between CW and other similar organizations?”

CW specializes in community employment, job placement and work services only. We have statewide employment and training resources including assessment, evaluation, community job exploration and job placement, on-the-job community sites such as the United States Coast Guard Academy and production contracts with the federal government and a host of commercial businesses.

“How can I find out more about your programs and services?”

Feel free to browse through our available services or refer to our contact page to submit to your questions. We are always happy to have the opportunity to tell you more about our programs or take you on a tour of one of our sites. Still don’t know who to contact? Call Joan Rhinesmith in Public Relations, (860) 229-7700 ext. 225 and she will direct you to the appropriate person.

“I would like to hire a CW worker. How do I go about it?”

Please call CW at (860) 229-7700 and you will be assisted in connecting with the CW program and personnel in your area.

“I am interested in helping CW. Is there anything I can do to help?”

CW has many opportunities to help support our mission of employment and training.

How you can help:

  • Do you have a job opening that we can fill or need temporary employees to ease your workload?
  • Would you like to help spread the word about CW’s resources by having an individual come and speak at your organization or business?
  • What about giving of your time and talents? Enthusiastic and knowledgeable people are always needed to enhance our programs.
  • Do you share our vision for the workplace of the 21st century? Then maybe you would like to contribute to our endowment fund or make a bequest to help ensure that the right to work is not a privilege but a given for ALL men and women.

Interested in learning what our people can do for your company?

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