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CW Resources provides employment for a wide range of people, including those with disabilities. One of our most important partners in this mission is the AbilityOne program—one of the largest sources of employment in the United States for people who are blind or have significant disabilities.

AbilityOne is a $4 billion annual program that operates through a partnership between the federal government and more than 500 nonprofit agencies nationwide. Through the AbilityOne program, more than 42,000 people who are blind or have significant disabilities, including 3,200 veterans, receive job training and employment in a variety of occupations.

Through its partnership with AbilityOne, CW Resources creates employment opportunities to help individuals with disabilities develop their skills, get workplace experience, build self-confidence, gain financial independence, contribute to their communities, and achieve their maximum employment potential. In addition to helping both employers and employees, these efforts foster inclusivity and diversity within the workforce, promoting a more equitable society.

Many of our employees have told us how empowered they feel by the ability to work a steady, fulfilling job without fear of prejudice or stigmatization.

“Thanks to CW Resources, I am a satisfied full-time employee and I am no longer ashamed of my disability,” said Ricardo Hu Zodiac, adding that before partnering with CW Resources through AbilityOne, his disability made him depressed due to the fear of being stigmatized by friends, and more importantly, the workforce. “Working with people who accept me has made me feel more empowered than ever before,” he said.

For Angelo Santiago, who has worked at the Coast Guard for seven years, AbilityOne has not only provided him with a great job, it has allowed him to develop his skills and challenge himself. “CW has motivated me to push myself to my limits and provided me with numerous opportunities, not just in the Coast Guard but in other places as well,” he said. “They’ve opened up doors that I could have not even imagined.”

For more than 59 years, CW has satisfied its government, commercial, and private customers by providing efficient and consistently high-quality services.  Whether you are a business or government agency looking for an experienced, cost-effective staffing solution or a person with disabilities looking for fulfilling work opportunities, contact CW Resources to learn more about how the AbilityOne program can help achieve your goals.

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