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With our mess attendant services, CW Resources establishes a custom work plan for each dining facility.

Mess attendant services include:

  • Stocking and serving food, trays, cups, glasses, dishes, utensils, condiments, iced beverages, tableware, impulse items, and carry-out items
  • Cleaning the facility, including bussing and sanitizing tables and chairs
  • Replenishing napkins, salt, pepper, and other condiments
  • Cleaning floors and lavatories, spot cleaning as needed, and performing wear washing and other housekeeping tasks
  • Assisting with recycling and removing waste
  • Monitoring food freshness, temperatures, wrappings, and labels
  • Upkeeping displays
  • Performing emergency contingency services when necessary

Our Employees

CW Resources takes pride in delivering success through our core values. We have a diverse, inclusive, equal, and empathetic workforce. Our employees are dedicated to providing superior customer service.