CW acknowledges the fact that everyone does not want to work (at least not all the time) or may present some challenges which interfere with working. As an alternative to or addition to work, CW offers a Day Support, Personal Support and Individualized Day Services.

Individuals participating in day supports are offered activities which enhance existing interests, explore new interests and hobbies, promote healthy lifestyles and relationships and opportunities to keep in touch with the surrounding community through cultural outings, recreational activities and other fun and exciting trips. Activities occur at CW Resources program sites and within the surrounding communities.

Individuals participating in personal supports are provided with staffing to assist with their daily living and community support needs. Staff work with the individual and their family to develop a schedule of activities to achieve personal outcomes. Services are typically provided in the individual’s home or in the surrounding community.

Individuals participating in individualized day support services have clearly defined personal outcomes which require direct staffing support to attain or sustain. These support services vary widely as they are based on the individual’s needs and interests and are achieved in the community. Individualized day supports may or may not be related to employment activities. This decision is made by the individual and their support team.

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