Logo for: CW Resources, Inc
CW Resources provides quality laundry and linen service.

Our skilled laundry service employees will unload laundry from trucks, wash and separate laundry into linens to be dried, and sheets/pillowcases/designated linens to be sent to the ironer.

The items are then packaged and folded in a separate folding room, placed in shipping containers and/or shrink-wrapped or another specified packaging method, appropriately tagged with the customer’s name and sent back for delivery.

We always separate dirty/soiled/contaminated linens from cleaned/finished linens and follow the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC). 

Our Employees

CW Resources takes pride in delivering success through our core values. We have a diverse, inclusive, equal, and empathetic workforce. Our employees are dedicated to providing superior customer service.