Employment Supports

The following types of services use the State of Connecticut terminology, however we tailor our services to correspond to the state and local guidelines where we employ people throughout the US.

Group-Supported Employment

Group Supported employment provides individuals with the opportunity to work as a part of a team at a community employment site while under the supervision and direction of a CW Resources staff. Typically, the employer contracts with CW Resources to perform specific duties and tasks; members of the work crew then work as a team to complete the job. Individuals are paid based on commensurate wages, as determined through Department of Labor time studies and prevailing wage surveys, and receive a check through CW Resources.

Individual Community Employment

The goal of this service is to assist individuals in finding and maintaining employment in the community. Our staff is able to assist individuals in marketing themselves and their skills. The level of support an individual needs may vary and staff tailor the placement plan based on a variety of factors (e.g. past experience and training and individual comfort level). Once employment is secured, the CW staff supports the individual with on-the-job training. The length of this support varies and is determined by both the employer and employee and the type and level of funding available. Individuals working in competitive employment are paid by the community employer.