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Inclusivity and diversity in the workplace have become increasingly important in today’s society. One of the most effective ways to ensure diversity is to provide employment opportunities to people with disabilities.

At CW Resources, we provide comprehensive training and support to enable people with disabilities to become valuable, productive employees and contributing members of society. By shifting the narrative, we help people overcome stereotypes, excel with personalized training, and recognize their value and self-worth by creating a work environment where they and others can succeed. 

Following are some of the challenges surrounding disability employment, and how CW Resources addresses them.

Stigma & Stereotypes

The challenge: One of the most significant challenges for individuals with disabilities is overcoming prejudice, stereotypes, and misconceptions about their capabilities. This often leads people to underestimate the skills and potential of the person. A disability does not define who the person is.  

The solution: Awareness and education are crucial in creating a positive employment experience for all—both people with disabilities and the employers who hire them. CW Resources has been providing employment and training for people with and without disabilities for more than five decades, and can attest to the willingness, motivation, and capability of the people we support. We are happy to help dispel myths and stereotypes to create new opportunities and foster a more inclusive work environment.

Training & Education

The challenge: In some cases, people with disabilities have limited access to quality education and vocational training programs. This leads to some applicants being set aside, underemployment, or being passed over for promotional opportunities. 

The solution: CW Resources provides comprehensive training, both in preparing people with disabilities to enter or re-enter the workforce and active support with on-the-job training to ensure a high level of performance and client satisfaction. CW Resources is also backed by the experience and expertise of the AbilityOne Program, which is one of the largest sources of employment in the United States for people with significant disabilities.

Communication & Accommodation

The Challenge: Employees with disabilities, especially those with “hidden” disabilities, are often afraid to disclose them to their employers due to concerns about stigma or potential discrimination. This fear can prevent them from getting the support and accommodations they need to be effective employees.

The solution: By openly and honestly discussing the situations and capabilities of our employees, we create a safe space that provides employees with any necessary accommodations as well as open communication and support. Employees and employers are welcomed and encouraged to ask questions, address issues, and make suggestions to improve the employment experience for everyone involved.

By educating our clients and providing comprehensive training and support to our employees, CW Resources improves job satisfaction and performance for employees and reduces costs and employee turnover for employers, contributing to a more diverse and innovative workforce that satisfies the needs of employees and employers alike.

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