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Karen Venditti & Nathan Genia with Bryce Matthews. Legislative Aid for Rep. August Pfluger of Texas

Karen Venditti, Michael Carnright, and Nathan Genia recently traveled to Washington, D.C., to advocate for the CW Resources’ AbilityOne Program. Nathan Genia, who works at the Subbase Galley, played an important role as CW Resources’ AbilityOne advocate, making the trip even more special. They attended the Grassroots Conference in Washington and worked tirelessly to ensure that the voices of CW Resources’ AbilityOne program were heard. It was an exceptional experience for everyone involved. Here is a recap of their days in the nation’s capital.

Nathan Genia’s Dedication and Preparation

Nathan Genia and Michael Carnright in the Hart Senate Office Building

Nathan Genia’s commitment to advocating for the AbilityOne program was truly inspiring. He dedicated his entire summer to preparing for CW Resources’ visits to Capitol Hill, completing seven extensive training sessions, each lasting more than two hours. As part of his preparation, Nathan crafted a powerful speech highlighting his personal journey and his remarkable accomplishments while working on CW Resources’ AbilityOne contract.

Sharing AbilityOne Stories

The pivotal moment arrived on Tuesday when all the advocates gathered to share their speeches in front of a captivated audience of over 150 people at the conference. Nathan’s presentation was nothing short of awe-inspiring.

A Day on Capitol Hill

On Wednesday, Karen, Michael, and Nathan headed to Capitol Hill for meetings with Congressional Teams representing Connecticut and other states where CW Resources holds AbilityOne contracts. The meetings went well, with some teams expressing interest in visiting CW Resources’ AbilityOne sites.

One of the most promising meetings was with Joe Courtney’s team, which expressed a keen interest in visiting CW Resources’ Uncasville office, Coast Guard Academy, and the sub base. CW Resources is excited about the prospect of their visits and will stay in close communication to ensure the plans come to fruition. It was an exhausting but immensely rewarding day as CW Resources tirelessly advocated for its AbilityOne Program from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Meeting Senator Blumenthal

Nathan Genia and Senator Blumenthal

Thursday morning brought yet another incredible moment for the CW Resources team as they returned to Capitol Hill to meet with Senator Richard Blumenthal’s team before their departure. As they patiently awaited their meeting, Senator Blumenthal himself stepped off the elevator and greeted all the advocates. In a generous gesture, he offered to take a picture with the advocates, and they proudly captured a memorable snapshot of him with Nathan. Senator Blumenthal’s team also expressed interest in visiting CW Resources, marking another significant step toward raising awareness for the AbilityOne program.

The CW Resources advocacy team had a successful journey to the Grass Roots Conference, thanks to their exceptional dedication and the overwhelming interest from various congressional teams. The CW Resources AbilityOne program received the attention it deserved, and the team is excited about the prospect of more visits and increased awareness in the future. Nathan was an excellent representative for CW Resources, leaving the team bursting with pride. The advocacy journey was an enriching experience that reinforced their commitment to making a positive difference. CW Resources is looking forward to what the future holds.

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