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Picture of Clyde Young with the American Flag Award
Clyde Young received an American Flag Award from SourceAmerica in recognition of his longstanding support for AbilityOne.

On November 15th, SourceAmerica and CW Resources celebrated the retirement of Clyde Young at Arnold Air Force Base. Clyde played a pivotal role in our CW Resources AbilityOne Journey and was honored with an American Flag that was sewn by individuals with disabilities, an award given to him from SourceAmerica for his long-standing support.

A Meaningful Connection: Five years ago, CW Resources secured the cleaning contract at Arnold Air Force Base, where Clyde and Arnold welcomed us like family. This familial atmosphere laid the foundation for a unique partnership.

Embracing the Mission: Clyde immediately embraced CW Resources and AbilityOne’s mission to employ people with disabilities, becoming a vital advocate. His unwavering support has been crucial in creating an inclusive and supportive workplace.

Gratitude and Acknowledgment: We express our heartfelt gratitude to Clyde for his commitment. His role as an internal champion has left an enduring impact on the lives of those served by CW Resources. We extend our best wishes as he enters this new chapter.

In honoring Clyde Young’s retirement, we not only bid farewell to a valued member but also celebrate his lasting impact on inclusivity at Arnold Air Force Base. Clyde’s legacy will continue to inspire our commitment to partnership, family, and support for individuals with disabilities.

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