Food Packaging

CW Resources maintains two different facilities to perform food and contract packaging to customer specifications. CWR has a USDA 3A Dairy facility and FDA certification, with the appropriate two bay loading dock, packaging, and warehouse facility to package dry goods to your specifications. This facility has on-site quality control staff which monitors and tracks all products by customer lot number, maintains strict product traceability and maintains and provides all customer required documentation. This facility is located in an industrial park in New Britain, CT and is accessible by all major highways.

The second packaging facility is located in central New Britain, where we have a large production floor with personnel dedicated to providing custom contract packaging and labeling services. This facility has a four bay loading dock with freight elevator and sufficient equipment to move, store and produce large and small scale production runs.

Contract Packaging

CW Resources Production Services proudly provides a diverse suite of products and services to the Department of Defense, State and Local governments as well as large and small commercial enterprises.

We have an integrated team of able-bodied adults as well as those with disabilities. Our team works together to understand and exceed the customer’s quality specifications.

Industries Served

  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Retail/Wholesale
  • Printing
  • Arts & Crafts